”This is a great example of how we are using e-Government to lower costs and improve

the quality of government services. This new system allows Delaware to move the

centuries-old institution of notary public into the 21st century.”


Delaware Governor, Jack Markell

Delaware Notaries Log In To Digital Age

"Delaware is blazing the innovation trail on electronic notarizations" Microsoft US Public Sector Executive Director of eGovernment, Kim Nelson


Microsoft "Bright Side of Government" blog  





Why We Launched eNotaryTrust

In the time of ancient Rome, when it is believed that Cicero created the office of
the notary, the seal carried with it the trust and authority of the Emperor himself.
We can hardly blame the Romans for not foreseeing the rise of digital documents
and the Internet speed of business. But while the way we capture and share
important information has changed…notary has not.
The news is full of examples of how the current notary process has failed us:
• The foreclosure mess with its images of moldy mortgage documents.
• Fraud cases, where homes have been sold multiple times.
• Divorce proceeding where multiple signed, notarized and conflicting pre-
   nuptials are presented.
Add to these failures, the costs associated with shipping hard copies and the
storage of those documents for years to come and one thing is clear…today’s
notary process is broken.
With over one billion notarizations taking place every year, this is a big problem.
The team at Veroha started with an idea, to return the seal of the notary to
its proper place as the most trustworthy way of assuring our most important
information. Then we set off on a mission...
“deliver on the original promise of notary”
Ultimately, we think that we asked a fundamentally different question than current
solutions. Rather than simply electronically enabling the current broken system,
we sought instead to build an end-to-end solution that delivered a new, higher
standard of assurance for the Notarial act and the parties it protects.
We are excited to be rapidly moving towards our launch next month with the
State of Delaware and to continue to improve and enhance our service based on
the feedback of all those that rely on notary.